Shiva Sutras with Cascading Commentary

Shiva Sutras with Cascading Commentary

This page contains new cascading commentary to Shiva sutras as well as new re-translation of whole Shiva sutras to English and Czech language.


Shiva Sutras with Cascading Commentary (English version) by Pavel Celba, translated by Svatopluk Svoboda

Shiva Sutry s Kaskadovym Komentarem (Ceska verze)


  • Ground-breaking translation exploring connections between verses of sutra
  • Absolutely new commentary to first two sutras
  • Can serve as teach book of  Shivaistic non-dualistic religion
  • The work is divided into cascades, each following having a dramatically increased difficulty level
  • Re-approached philosophical contents breaking the threshold of current state of art philosophy of non-dualistic Shivaism
  • The work is still readable to ordinary reader by its poetic style